The United States of America offers the best education and research system from all over the world. USA programs of undergraduates and graduates are according to the latest trend and perceptive. Students with USA college and universities degree are recognized worldwide and offers lucrative jobs, high salaries, incentives, and privileges. The USA is one of the countries that are easy to go to, adapted friendly environment for work, warmly welcome all communities, culture, and ideology. If Students want to opt for the brightness in their Career and grab a high position in the world economies, the USA is the best place for Study and living. As study abroad consultants, Students come and generally ask these questions.

Eligibility Criteria:
USA is famous for its trimester system and IVY league.A sound and good academic background is required. 16 years of education is essential for postgraduate programs and 14 years of education is mandatory for graduate programs. The USA offers 3 to 4 years of bachelor’s program and 1 to 2 years for master’s program.English proficiency is required. For this TOFEL certificate is acceptable. A score above 90 is required usually for postgraduate and 80 scores for undergraduate. Some institutes are also accepting the IELTS, and Bands are 6.5 or above.

Intakes in Universities:
USA universities usually offer four intakes in a year. Spring, Winter, Summer, and Autumn. Spring intake starts in January and February. Fall starts in August and September. Summer is from April and May and winter is in December. But you must start your application procedure 6 months prior to every intake. Major intake in every university is Fall. All subjects offer in the Fall semester some are in Summer and winter.

Living Conditions:
Living costs are variable and vary from city to city and place to place. Accommodation is available off-campus and on campus. Most of the time, universities will help international students in locating hostels, Apartments, and flats. Sharing rooms are also famous for residence. In the USA off-campus accommodation is much cheaper than on campus. Students can afford living expenses easily because student cards are issued in the USA. Scholarships are also available for talented and brilliant students in every field and discipline. Fellowship, graduate, and sports scholarships are famous among international students.

Working conditions:
The USA offers on-campus jobs to international students, it may be research associate, teacher assistant, and any academic and management work. 20 hours per work is allowed during university or college education. The internship is also available related to your field of study. The international students are allowed to avail themselves of the 40 hours per week of work during vacations. Students can get OPT (optional practical training) for one year. OPT is famous among students. Sometimes 29 months are allowed to work in the USA. A work permit visa is also applied after meeting the eligibility criteria. The USA also offers study work visas for international students to enter the USA on this visa and continue work and study side by side. Edperk consultants are always available to ensure the study and visa guidance to students not only before getting admission but also after the landing at the airport in the USA.