United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom is the Hub of Education globally. The UK has one of the fine and old education systems in the world, people from another part of the world come and enroll themselves for the better study and career. The UK is an intriguing mixture of history and modernism. The UK welcomes thousands of students for study in their universities from almost every country in the world. The UK is the land of multiculturalism and vibrant in nature. It easily adapts the people for study, jobs, and settlements. International students are attracted due to well-reputed courses, excellence in research, up-to-date labs, and industrial innovations. As study abroad consultants, Students come and generally ask these questions.

Eligibility criteria:
The UK offers four years of bachelor’s degree programs and 2 years of Master’s degree programs to international students. Universities are public and private. But strong check and balance of the UK education ministry. International students who have 16 years of education accept into the Master’s program in UK universities. First, apply the conditional offer letters to the universities in the UK. After receiving the conditional offer letter, we must make sure that all conditions mentioned in the letters must fulfill. After meeting all requirements, an offer letter has been issued to the students. The foremost requirement is an English proficiency certificate. IELTS is the test mandatory all most in universities but some of them also accept the Duolingo test. Minimum 5.5 to 6 IELTS bands are required.

Intakes in Universities:
The UK has offered major two intakes for international students. The spring and winter intakes. The spring intake is in September and the winter intake is in January. The important note is maximum of 4 months are required for the process to study in the UK. so international students must try to start and connect with the trusted consultants before the intake’s deadline.

Living Condition:
Living costs in the UK are day-to-day expenses and accommodations. Accommodation is provided by the Universities themselves (on campus), off-campus, Apartments, Flats, sharing rooms, and many options for accommodations are available. 400 to 500 euro is enough for the living plus accommodation expenses. The scholarship is the major part to help the students with tuition fees and day-to-day expenses.  Government and universities scholarships are the most common types of scholarships. The UK is known for its modern and traditional way of living. The UK embraces all cultures, ethnicities, religions, and ideologies. People come and join the UK societies and learn the new way of living.

Working conditions:
The UK offers international students working hours up to 20 hours per week during studies. 2 years placement work visa is issued after successfully graduated from the university. Students can easily get experience in related fields and disciplines. After graduation and 2 years of experience under a work placement work visa, students can move the application for permanent residency. The UK is the land of opportunities, personal and professional growth. International students can easily adjust to the UK society and community. Edperk consultants are always available to ensure the study and visa guidance to students not only before getting admission but also after the landing at the airport in the UK.