Duolingo test:

Nowadays, the Duolingo test is famous among students and English native country’s universities and institutions accept the Duolingo test widely due to the ongoing pandemic situations. People are not able to visit the test center physically due to limitations in every country. But the universities and embassies do not let it ease the requirement of English test proficiency. The best solution to this problem is to get the test online via trusted software and proper check and balance are also required.  So, for this purpose, the Duolingo test is vastly acceptable now, especially in the UK.  Around about 3000 institutions have accepted the result or certificate of this software.

  • This test is taken online.
  • Fee is paid online almost 49 dollars and after getting code and email from the official site of Duolingo.
  • You are ready for the test. Test duration is almost 1 hour and gets result in two days.

This software is also allowed students to get a practice test as many times as the student wants. There is reading, listening, writing, and speaking modules included in the test. Students must write on keyboards on laptops and computers. Software is captured speaking ability of candidate through the camera of laptops and computers. This software is based on highly artificial intelligence and near to accuracy. the range of maximum score in Duolingo is 160.  Every university set the score range according to the requirement of its own. For example, a minimum 80 score is acceptable in UK. The result card shows the comparison of your score and what you will fall in IELTS and TOFEL criteria.