Career Counselling:

After careful analysis of university and country where a student wants to study. The very next step is a career opportunity. Students want to get the degree because to excel in their practical and professional life. The main purpose of getting a higher degree is to properly settle in their professional life. Every person wishes to earn bread and butter and grab executive seats in a multinational company at home country or abroad. They want to rank high in entrepreneur abilities. Career is always stood first for the person especially who plans to study abroad.

A person must view the points before choosing a country to study. The most important are working conditions and working hours allowed for students and what that country offers after completing the degree. Most people feel difficult to relocate from country to country that’s why career chances in that country are important where you are going to study. Survey shows that lack of knowledge before applying to the country for study abroad always creates hurdles for students in adjusting and grabbing career opportunities.

  • Career Opportunities
  • Work permit during vacation
  • Work hours allowed during the study
  • Post degree work permit years
  • Chances of settlements
Students mostly prefer to go to UK, Australia, the USA, Canada. Here is a quick review of working hours allowed in these countries for students who enrolled themselves in the degree programs. Work allowed during Studies: UK is allowed for students 20 hours per week
  • Australia is allowed for international students 40 hours per week
  • Canada is allowed for students 40 hours per week.
  • USA is allowed for international students 20 hours per week.
Post-study work Permit:
  • 2 years after study work visa is issued to the international students after completing the degree
  • 2 years post-study work visa is issued to master’s students and 4 years post-study is issued to Ph.D. students in Australia.
  • 3 years is allowed after completing the degree in Canada, but degree duration must be more than 2 years.
  • 2 years for international students are allowed in the USA after the study.
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