Commonwealth of Australia is known for its unique experience and admiration of landscapes. People love to enjoy the vitality in Australia’s natural beauty with a blend of its history and culture. Australia is considered a new destination for study and tourism. Being an International student, Living and study in Australia is a fun and life-changing experience. Australia is known for not only its degree-level programs, but the major attraction is diploma-level qualifications and trade qualifications. Research labs and projects are additional facilities for students. As study abroad consultants, Students come and generally ask these questions. Eligibility Requirements:

  • For Bachelor’s Program:
If a student wants to get admission in a bachelor’s degree program, you must obtain good grading in 12 standard or high school diploma/certificate. The minimum English proficiency or IELTS requirement is 6.0 Band. A student must have a background in mathematics and sciences in their 12 years of schooling if you want to get enrollment in Courses like the computer, Sciences, and Engineering.
  • For Master’s Program:

16 years of education is required to get admission to a Master’s. The minimum English proficiency or IELTS requirement is 6.5 Band. Work experience is helpful while applying for a Master’s degree program in any university in Australia especially if a student wishes to get admission in an MBA program.

Intake in Universities:
Australian Universities have two intakes in a year. One starts in February and the other starts in September. But students need to start the process of Admission 4 months prior to the intake deadline. Edperk Study Consultant work on your behalf before the university closes their admission and makes sure that students properly join the university studies.

Living Conditions:

Students must obey all rules and regulations of the Australian territory. Student can easily bear the living expense as Transport is public and cheap for students because students’ card has a discount offers on transport, malls, and grocery marts. Accommodation is arranged in universities and near locality at reasonable rent. Australia offers a variety of options for a residence like hostels, flats, shared rooms, university Apartments, University halls of residence. For part-time jobs, Recruitment agencies are the trusted name for international students. Socializing and get familiar with different cultures and people, enhance knowledge and learning.

Working Conditions:

For international students, Part-time work is allowed in Australia. For students, 40 hours are allowed to work in a week during studies and full-time work is allowed during vacations. Students are eligible to get a post-study work visa after completion of the study. The post-study work permit is valid for 2 years.One important note is that the student’s visa is included the family dependents visa in it at the time visa is issued. This includes spouse visas, children under 18 years of age. International students can achieve the scholarships which are offered by the Universities and government for talented students. Australia is a land of opportunity with diverse cultures, natural scenes, and a new emerging economy. International students can avail these opportunities and facilities with new ideas and passions.