Canada is known for its vibrant nature, quality of education, work, and settlement. Canada has the adoption of international students starts from the journey of quality of Education to Canadian citizenship. Approximately, every year 200,000 students from all over the world come to Canada through student visas. Canada has very liberal policies regarding visa issues and immigration via different routes. The factor of affordability of Education, living expenses, low cost of living, and permanent settlement is the focal point of appeal in Canada. As study abroad consultants, Students come and generally ask these questions.

Eligibility Requirement:
Canada has a non-central education system as Canada consists of states and provinces. Canada offers Education free of cost for up to 12 years of schooling. Canada offers 3 to 4 years of degree who want to get admission in bachelor’s program. One to two years is for the Master’s program and the Ph.D. duration is 3 to 4 years. Canada also offers diplomas, certificates, and associate degrees in various fields. A good academic background is preferable. In Canada, two languages are spoken. One is English as an official language and the other is the French language as a second language. International students are required to attain an IELTS certificate as their proof of English language proficiency. In Canada, students attain vocational training or skills after completing their degrees from colleges and universities.

Intake in Universities:
Canadian universities open their intake twice a year. There are fall and winter intakes in Canada. Fall intake usually starts from September of every year and winter intakes start from January of every year.  The medium of education or instruction is English. IELTS band varies from university to university and the requirement is 6 to 6.5 bands.

Living Conditions:
Canada is a country that always ranks high on the index of low crime rate, a safe country for human beings. Canada introduces a “walk safe, stay safe” program to help the living people over there to get transport at late night especially. Canada is considered the number one safe country for study. Accommodation is offered to international students on campus and off-campus. Social community gathering and living are promoted in Canada. As 5.4% per year population of Canada is increasing due to international students and immigrants. The living expense is reasonable and affordable for the students who are currently living and staying in Canada for study. Students must abide by the rules and regulations of the Canadian government.

Working Condition:
Employment opportunities are in abundance due to the least population of Canada. Internships are also available for international students. The Canadian government is allowed a minimum of 20 hours per week of work during studies. After completion of the study, international students are allowed to work as full-time employees in a reputed company. Full-time work is allowed during semester break. Canada is feasible for international students and provides a path towards citizenship and settlements. Edperk consultants are always available to ensure the study and visa guidance to students not only before getting admission but also after the landing at the airport in Canada.