Student Counselling:

Most of the students and their parents contact the study abroad agents of any consultancy firm for the seeking the guideline of different colleges and universities around the world. Our organization is always here at the front desk to provide the right and accurate information for the student’s career and study through presentation and practical experience. Most of the time, the universities and colleges give instructions to agents regarding promoting the institution and getting more admissions. But edperk’s consultants always prioritize the student’s demand and career. They suggest what fits the students in the future. They are always up to date regarding the trends and demands of the world in education and degree. One must be kept in mind while planning to go abroad for higher studies. Choosing a degree and country is always hectic for students and their parents. Students must compare some points and truly evaluate the pros and cons of every country and offering degrees the decide to go that country.

  • Degree awarding years
  • Fee structure of the degree
  • Scope of degree where you are country
  • Scope of degree where you study country
  • Practical and research work offered during a country
  • Practical and LAB knowledge
  • Internships
  • Food
  • Weather
  • Social Life
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